What is active therapy?

Active therapy refers to when the user is actively strengthening a part of the body that becomes tight due to weakness. You therefore are addressing the CAUSE of the tightness not just treating the symptom (Passive Therapy).

What is the PT3®?

The PT3® is a hands-free three point reference system to enable a user to learn how to separate or control movement of your spine and pelvis. For example, a hip hinge. The tactile points allow for greater awareness of one's alignment and ensures accuracy in the technique. By repeating a new (or corrected) technique frequently, this sends information back to the brain to lock in that new pattern of movement. 

How will the PT3® benefit me?

From time to time, you may notice that you may not be as active as what you once were. This could be due to lifestyle changes, previous injury or simply as you get older you notice you don’t move as much. The PT3® is a therapeutic device that is used to assist with improving your body awareness that in turn allows you to move into various positions with the confidence in knowing you are holding form. 

How do I put it on?

Simple. Insert the rod in the back of the vest and then put vest on. Adjust torso and shoulder straps to fit snug without being restrictive. If your shoulders do not allow you to adjust the blade while wearing it, adjust it before you put the vest on. If your head does not reach the tactile point use the neck extender device. This provides a 1 or 2 inch extension. Use the side that feels most comfortable first.

How do I use it?

Maintain the three contact points (back of head, middle back and sacrum) while moving into the desired action. 

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