Elevate Your Back Health

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Spine

Discover the power of the SEG-B®️, a cutting-edge device designed to improve spinal health, mobility, and control.


Tactile Feedback

The SEG-B's tactile feedback mechanism lets users feel each segment of their spine as they move, promoting awareness and control over spinal movements.

Auditory Feedback

The SEG-B provides real-time auditory feedback through clicking sounds, helping users identify and correct improper spinal segmentation during exercises.

Visual Feedback

Visual indicators on the SEG-B allow users to see their spinal alignment and movement patterns, enabling precise adjustments for optimal performance.

Patent Pending Technology

Elevate your movement journey and embrace a life free of limitations!
Precision-Powered Spinal Training

Discover the next generation of spinal training with the SEG-B. Our unique design offers an unparalleled approach to spine health, allowing you to focus on specific spinal segments with precision.

Multi-Sensory Feedback System

Step into a world of certainty in your workouts. With SEG-B's auditory, visual, and tactile feedback, you'll know you're activating the right segments. This multi-sensory engagement aids in refining your movements, ensuring you train smarter, not harder.

Elevate Spinal Health & Mobility

Experience a revolutionary tool that emphasizes segmental spinal motion, promoting increased mobility and overall back health. With regular use, you'll find enhanced flexibility and improved spinal function.

For Everyone, Everywhere

Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just beginning your back health journey, SEG-B is adaptable and user-friendly. Its compact design means you can take it anywhere, ensuring consistent training at home, the gym, or on-the-go.

Research-Driven & User-Approved

Backed by the latest insights in spine health and designed with user experience in mind, the SEG-B bridges the gap between science and practical application. Join the many who have integrated SEG-B into their health routines.

For Everyone, Everywhere
Research-Driven & User-Approved

The World's First Spinal Segmentation Training Device

With real-time auditory, tactile, and visual feedback, the SEG-B®️ guides you through targeted exercises to achieve a more resilient and flexible spine. Experience the freedom of a mobile, pain-free life.


Hear from the Experts
Dr. Joe Gambino, DPT@joegambinodpt

Spinal segmentation is an important quality for the spine to be healthier, less painful, and less stiff. The SEG-B from Backsync has been a great tool for me to highlight some of my own deficits so I can continue working on a more resilient spine.

Grace Witthuhn@thatcoachgrace

This tool is so needed in our industry and I love that it promotes ACTIVE inputs from the user, instead of just some random percussion BS that you can do mindlessly.

Coach Dan Arnold@falsegrip

As a coach, I’m always looking at ways to enhance cueing and feedback with my clients. The SEG-B provides me with another layer of tactile and audible feedback, for the process of developing controlled articulation of the spine

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  1. Segmental Mastery: Train specific vertebral levels, improving strength and control for optimal spinal wellness.
  2. Instant Feedback: Benefit from immediate auditory, tactile, and visual feedback during spinal exercises, pinpointing areas that require attention and refinement.
  3. Greater Mobility: Identify and address limitations in spinal mobility, leading to increased flexibility and a broader range of motion.
  4. Universal Design: Suitable for users of all ages and fitness backgrounds, including injury recovery, postural improvement, and athletic performance enhancement.
  5. User-friendly: Seamlessly integrate the SEG-B®️ into your daily routine and workout plan with its intuitive and easy-to-use design.